In the course of his study, Janeček was awarded three grants.

One of them is the grant of CROATIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION NAPREDAK from Sarajevo. Napredak has a long history and they had awarded a grant to a Nobel Prize Winner - Vladimir Prelog.

Second grant is very important to Janeček. It is the one by KARIM ZAIMOVIĆ FUND. Karim was a great writer from Sarajevo. Another grant carrier was Jasmila Zbanic, a director of the film Grbavica fof which she received the Golden Bear Award at the Berlinale Film Festival.

He also get grant form GOVERNMENT OF KANTON SARAJEVO because of awards for his first documentary film.
       For his screenplay and visual concept for his new movie Jan Palach is not Dead he get some amount of money from HAVC (Croatian Audio Visual Center) and City of Rijeka because of quality of project.