Damir Janeček was born on May 24th 1982. in Sarajevo, where he studied TV, film, radio and theatre directing and screenwriting. He lived in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bari and Rome (Italy), Granada (Spain), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Split and Rijeka (Croatia) and now he lives in Zagreb, (Croatia) as director and screenwriter, but also works as a cinema and film festival selector, a film critic (he wrote about more then few thousand art and independent movies), a journalist, an editor, a cinematographer, a sound recorder and a producer. He won several international awards for his film critic, short feature, short documentary and feature documentary. He drives a car and spikes english and italian. Also he know some czech, spanish, french and german language.

He is a member of DHFR Croatian Film Directors Guild 
                  FERA Federation of European Film Directors
                  HZSU Croatian Freelance Artist Association
                  ECA European Councile of Artist

                                                                             CROATIAN FILM DIRECTORS GUILD

                                                                     CROATIAN FREELANCE ARTISTS ASSOCIATION

                                                                      FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN FILM DIRECTORS

                                                                               EUROPEAN COUNCIL OF ARTISTS

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